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2013 05 02 Maglia_Rosa_Logo.png

Maglia ROSA

There are a few legacies in American cycling and one of them would be the mark that the Hampsten family has made. Beginning with the epic battle for the 1988 Giro d'Italia victory by Andy Hampsten, and currently, the standard of excellence set by the company bearing his name. Hampsten Cycles, run primarily by genius brother Steve, is a maker of premiere quality custom road cycles. They recently branched out their offerings to include a line of pre-sized, ready-to-order framesets. To honor the accomplishments of Andy, and to pay homage to one of the toughest cycling events annually, Magila ROSA was born. The Maglia ROSA, or pink jersey, is worn by the leader and eventual winner of Italy's Grand Tour.

I developed this brand for them while informed by their dedication to precision, their appreciation for the finer things in life, and the honor of wearing the Maglia ROSA. The results are a clean and timeless design; just like the cycles themselves.